Soapbox Racer

from Ben Schwarz

“It is an utterly charming play, a funny script, carried off with great aplomb by a wonderful performer. I’d recommend it to anyone.”Fringe Guru ★★★★
“Cordell’s Kay is such a well realised character, and she captures the gauche enthusiasms of teenager-hood, [...] in a lovely, assured performance.”Buxton Fringe Review
"A perfect example of how a one-person show can be just as fantastic as an ensemble piece."Last Night I Dreamed Of ...

Ben Schwarz presents Soapbox Racer - a monologue play about love, loss, bravery... and hurtling down a hill in a matchbox with wheels.

“I know this is stupid. Painfully aware that That’s Not How It Works. But at the same time, I sort of think that’s exactly how it works?”

Kay is building a soapbox car in her dad’s garage as a Grand Gesture. When the love of your life dumps you for your best (and only) friend, do you sit down and take it? No! You race down a hill in a matchbox with wheels decorated with their love-notes and mushy doodles and invite them to watch! 

That’ll definitely win both of them back! 

Won’t it?


Soapbox Racer is the story of how Kay builds a soapbox car to win back her ex, but accidentally re-makes a relationship with her dad, and connects with her inner daredevil.


Written by Ben Schwarz
Directed by Louisa Sanfey
Performed by Grace Cordell
Designed by Connie Burley
Sound Design by Sam Glossop
Produced by Ameena Hamid
Stage Managed by Becky Brown


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Mon 15th July, 7.15pm

Wed 17th July, 8.45pm

Thu 18th July, 8.45pm

Run time: 50 minutes