Soapbox Racer

from Ben Schwarz

Ben Schwarz presents Soapbox Racer - a monologue play about love, loss, bravery... and hurtling down a hill in a matchbox with wheels.

“I know this is stupid. Painfully aware that That’s Not How It Works. But at the same time, I sort of think that’s exactly how it works?”

Kay is building a soapbox car in her dad’s garage as a Grand Gesture. When the love of your life dumps you for your best (and only) friend, do you sit down and take it? No! You race down a hill in a matchbox with wheels decorated with their love-notes and mushy doodles and invite them to watch! 

That’ll definitely win both of them back! 

Won’t it?

Soapbox Racer is the story of how Kay builds a soapbox car to win back her ex, but accidentally re-makes a relationship with her dad, and connects with her inner daredevil.

Written by Ben Schwarz

Directed by Louisa Sanfey

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