Knees Bent Bras Off Ra Ra Ra

from Ruth E. Cockburn

You are invited to my family party! Welcome.

Like all family parties there are weird traditions, songs, games and drama. It’s not a family party if Sam hasn’t started crying in the kitchen after three gins and Veronicas started an argument in the garden.

At the party you will hear family secrets, sing along to songs and learn new traditions to take home and try at your own family parties. The show is a comedy theatre show, using spoken word, poetry, songs, storytelling and recorded interviews to look at how we celebrate in this country.

In the absence of religious traditions what do we use in its place? How do we come together to rejoice? And we will find out how we experience collective joy and how a lack of it in our culture leads to isolation.

You will leave remembering how important it is to celebrate and find your tribe.

**** "She's a real talent"Broadway Baby
**** "Impossible not to be won over by [her] charm."One4Review

Mon 8th July, 4pm

Tue 9th July, 5.30pm

Tue 16th July, 5.30pm

Tue 23rd July, 5.30pm

Run time: 60 minutes


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