Our Man

from Jamie Thrasivoulou

This award-winning writer's powerful one-man show tears through the curtain of manners to reveal the wildlife of neo-liberal Britain. An interrogation of masculinity, class, mental health, addiction and criminality; packed with dark humour and inventive wordplay.

These are narratives of men no longer here to share stories and those struggling to survive in a system rigged with Tory austerity. This hour-long show delivers harsh truths that cut deep and to the bone; written and performed by a man who has fought the system, lost and been tossed out, only to be rejuvenated. A bombastic verbal delight. 

Thrasivoulou has been shortlisted in the category of 'Best spoken word performer in the the UK' for the 2019 Saboteur awards and was a winner of the 'Culture Matters: Bread & Roses Award for songwriting & Spoken Word' in 2018.

Mon 15th July, 10pm

Tue 16th July, 4pm

Tue 23rd July, 4pm

Run time: 60 minutes