The Neat Freak

from Moon House Theatre

"Checking and rechecking the door locks; rattling, pulling, unlocking, re-locking, over and over again each night before I feel safe enough to shut out the light. Arranging and rearranging my books from shortest to tallest, tallest to shortest, from ABC to 123 — try again 50 times more — it just isn’t right, do it once more before all human life ceases to exist."

OCD is not an adjective.

A new piece of writing exploring the real-life stories of people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The Neat Freak is a myth dispelling piece of theatre created by a group of artists who have OCD and were tired of the misinformation surrounding the disorder.

Inspired by classic Greek tragedies, The Neat Freak follows one woman, (played by Ellen Larson), and her journey of survival and overcoming her constant, crippling, compulsions.

Wed 10th July, 3pm

Fri 12th July, 1.30pm

Tue 16th July, 3pm

Run time: 30 minutes


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