from Sinister Masterplan

IMPOSTORS is an hour of storytelling with live sound accompaniment, on the theme of changelings.

Shapeshifters, fairies, forest spirits: the universe is filled with stories peopled by masters of disguise - by Others. Some move seamlessly between worlds; some find themselves stuck in unexpected bodies and unexpected places, with unexpected consequences. Stolen children, strange marriages, mysterious night songs, animalistic transformations - these are some of the ways IMPOSTORS make their mark on the world and us. Are things really how you think they are? Are you an IMPOSTOR too?

Join Underground Fringe favourite Polis Loizou and rising London teller Laura Sampson for an hour of grown-up folk and fairytales that reach into those in-between places - where mirrors are a little too shiny, shadows a little too deep, and folk are NEVER what they seem. The twist with IMPOSTORS is that their tales will be accompanied by sound artist Sam Enthoven who with found sounds, contact mics and a unique instrument from the dawn of electronic music - the theremin - will conjure up an eerie live soundworld to match the stories.

Three shows only!

A Sinister Masterplan production:

£5 PREVIEW on 4th July.

Thu 4th July, 10pm*

Mon 8th July, 8.30pm

Tue 9th July, 4pm

Run time: 60 minutes

*(£5 previews)

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