from Despite The Monkey

In the darkest corner of his dreams, Michael remembers.

He remembers televisions. He remembers chickens. He remembers Michelle. But most of all, he remembers Debris.

Young Everyman Playhouse in association with new media collective Despite the Monkey, use cutting-edge 3D sound to immerse you into award winning writer Dennis Kelly’s uncompromising debut play Debris.

A harrowing journey into the memories that haunt us and the moments that define us, Debris plunges you into a fever dream unlike any other.

Featuring a stunning original score, and reality-bending Binaural soundscapes, Debris is not just a show. It’s an experience.

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Tue 16th July, 7.15pm

Wed 17th July, 7.15pm

Sun 21st July, 8.45pm

Run time: 60 minutes