Cast Vs Crew

from Foolish Bandits

Once upon a time, a group of friends with a shared interest in comedy looked at the twin worlds of theatre and improv and thought "What if we did both of those, at the same time, but faster?" With a flash and a bang, Cast Vs Crew was born.

The Cast are determined to perform a fairy tale chosen by the audience while the Crew try to stop them at every turn using an explosive molotov cocktail of lights, sounds and props. The Cast must improvise their way around these obstacles and somehow make it to the end of the show before time runs out. Every show is uniquely chaotic and utterly unpredictable!

Will the Cast fall under the Crew's spell, or will they live happily ever after? Let battle commence!

Cast: Josh Cooper, Joe Reed, Matt Prestage

Crew: Megan Roberts, Merry Ashton, Ed Platt, Martin Appleby


Instagram: @foolishbanditstheatre


This production is 'Pay What You Can'. There is a suggested price of £7 but you can pay less if you need to. Online, you can only pay between £5.00-£7.00. But in person at the Box Office (from 3 July) you can pay any amount you like.

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