Between Us

from Alex Keen & Rachel E Thorn

Boy meets girl. But then what?

Why do we fall in love? What keeps us together? What drives us apart?

Between Us is a witty play that tells the inside story of one couple’s relationship. Completely improvised from audience suggestion, we discover what makes us fall in love and what makes us fall apart.

Performed by nationally acclaimed improvisers, the dialogue, the characters and the plot are all created in the moment, inspired by a true anecdote shared by the audience, meaning every show - like every relationship - is entirely original.

Rachel and Alex were so finely detailed and planned that I couldn’t quite believe that this was impro. This quick-thinking and witty duo shared a connection that felt as natural and real as their performances... I came away marvelling at the talent and practice it must take to perform this kind of work. Why does anyone bother writing plays at all when, as Rachel and Alex showed, you can entertain so successfully on the spot?Broadway Baby

£5 PREVIEW on 4th July.

Thu 4th July, 7pm*

Tue 9th July, 10pm

Tue 16th July, 10pm

Tue 23rd July, 10pm

Run time: 50 minutes

*(£5 previews)

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