Tomorrow I'll Be Happy

from Shadow Syndicate

Powerful, striking and visceral, multi-award winning theatre company Shadow Syndicate, bring to life Jonathan Harvey's sophisticated script that deals with the aftermath of a homophobic hate crime inspired by the real-life case of Liverpool teenager Michael Causer, with energy and sensitivity.  

The multi-faceted characters Harvey has created, expose a rawness and vulnerability that are not immediately visible through the harsh veneer that the societal constraints of working class background has tarnished and limited them too.  Scott is left paralysed with fear of being different to others, a sentiment further underscored by Dior's expression at the beginning of the play that, 'normal counts for a lot round here'.  Naivety, ignorance and fear collude to form a melting pot where honesty and acceptance are rounded upon by bigotry and hatred and those filled with the frightening bravado of those with nothing to lose.

Harvey's writing is apt and pertinent for a modern audience.  Whilst focused on the topic of homophobia, it speaks tangibly on a number of levels about division, tolerance and acceptance of difference.  With the spectre of Brexit looming, these wider issues are brought into focus pertinently and acutely, holding an extra sense of credence in an increasingly divided society.

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Sun 14th July, 8.45pm

Mon 15th July, 8.30pm

Tue 16th July, 10.15pm

Wed 17th July, 5.45pm

Run time: 60 minutes