Attention Seeker

from That's Enough Drama

The show that won Best Comedy Performer in 2018 returns with exactly the same show, minus the bits that didn't work. It's the true story of a shy jokewriter for a famous comedian who crashes into the standup spotlight and uses paralysing fear, blind panic and jokes the comedian didn’t buy to prove who’s really the funny one.

... and the rest is history, except history is normally written by the winners.

"Incredibly well-constructed... If his second show hadn't clashed with the next show on the list, I'd have been straight back to see it again"Stephen Walker, Buxton Fringe Review
"Beyond engaging into downright hypnosis... I loved every minute of it"Art Murmurs, Wellington, NZ
"Very funny, reminiscent of Woody Allen in his early-60s stand-up years"Pioneer Press, Minneapolis
"Evokes Marty Feldman. He may be the only person on that stage, but he fills that whole stage"Kings River Life, Fresno, California
★★★★★ "Incredibly smart, funny"Edmonton Journal

£5 PREVIEW on 3rd July.

Wed 3rd July, 10pm*

Sat 6th July, 5.30pm

Sat 20th July, 5.30pm

Run time: 60 minutes

*(£5 previews)

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