All The Bens

from 1974 Productions

Ben likes Al, but Al says he’s straight and isn’t keen on being stalked by a weird guy he’s just met on the internet.

Al likes Henry, but not in THAT way. Besides, Al has other things to worry about. Like his girlfriend. And life.

Henry likes numbers, especially the number 7. He’s also starting to discover girls. Trouble is, he hasn’t really discovered much about them yet. 

When Ben meet Al, and Al meets Henry, that’s when everything changes. 

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£5 PREVIEWS on 3rd & 4th July.

Wed 3rd July, 4pm*

Thu 4th July, 2.30pm*

Mon 8th July, 10pm

Tue 9th July, 2.30pm

Run time: 60 minutes

*(£5 previews)