A Tension To Detail

from That's Enough Drama




"He just rambled on and on and on and I never wanted him to stop" - an audience member in Montreal, Canada.


Storyteller and comedian Gerard Harris presents a show about everything, so if you like things, this is the show for you. Stretching from the deeply personal to the extraordinarily frivolous, we look at the foundational tales we tell ourselves and the narrative choices we make as writers of our own lives. More importantly, we'll learn about the functionality of the average bulldog brain and the most humane way to dispatch a lobster into eternity. Equal parts philosophical, psychological and scatological, this award-winning comedy is “an unforgettable storybook ride of twists and turns told by a master craftsman” (Art Murmurs, Wellington). At least that's their story. 


£5 PREVIEW on 4th July.

Thu 4th July, 4pm*

Sat 6th July, 8.30pm

Fri 19th July, 4pm

Sun 21st July, 4pm

Run time: 60 minutes

*(£5 previews)

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