Show Artist Category
A Tension To Detail That's Enough Drama Comedy
Alasdair Beckett-King: The Interdimensional ABK Alasdair Beckett-King Comedy
Alex Kealy: Rationale Alex Kealy Comedy
Alfie Moore: Fair Cop Unleashed Alfie Moore Comedy
All The Bens 1974 Productions Theatre
Amadeus Martin: Retro Fit Amadeus Martin Comedy
An Audience With Yasmine Day Jay Bennett Comedy
Archie Henderson: Jazz Emu Archie Henderson Comedy
Attention Seeker That's Enough Drama Comedy
Autopsy Despite The Monkey Theatre
Barrel Of Laughs Underground Comedy
Between Us Alex Keen & Rachel E Thorn Theatre
Buxton Fringe Launch Party Underground OtherEvents
Cast Vs Crew Foolish Bandits Comedy
Contractions Buxton Drama League Theatre
Daniel Nils Roberts: The History Of The World In One Hour Daniel Nils Roberts Comedy
Darren Walsh: Punimal Farm Darren Walsh Comedy
Debris Despite The Monkey Theatre
Funny In Real Life Helen Rutter & Rob Rouse Theatre
Harriet Braine: Les Admirables Harriet Braine Comedy
Hey Diddle Diddle Goblin ForFamilies
Home JustOut Theatre Theatre
How To Laugh At Everything (Even The End Of The World) Hattie Hatstar Music
Impostors Sinister Masterplan SpokenWord
Isa Bonachera: The Great Emptiness Isa Bonachera Comedy
James McNicholas: The Boxer James McNicholas Comedy
Jar Of Hearts League of Ladies Music
Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell Sudden Impulse Theatre Company Theatre
Jim Campbell: Beef Jim Campbell Comedy
Jordan Easy Company Theatre
Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show Hambledon Productions Theatre
Kate Butch In 'Wuthering Shites' Kate Butch Comedy
Knees Bent Bras Off Ra Ra Ra Ruth E. Cockburn Theatre
Ladies Antebellum: A Mighty Fine Adventure The Dead Secrets Comedy
Maisie Adam: Work In Progress Maisie Adam Comedy
Men Chase Women Choose People Zoo Productions Theatre
Mike Raffone: Brain Rinse Mike Raffone Comedy
Murmuration: Word On The Tweet Steve Vertigo Comedy
Nathan Cassidy: Observational Nathan Cassidy Comedy
Nick Horseman: The Rhyme Scheme Nick Horseman Comedy
Oleg Denisov: Russian Troll Oleg Denisov Comedy
Our Man Jamie Thrasivoulou SpokenWord
Raphael Wakefield: Wengerball Raphael Wakefield Comedy
Revelation 1:18 Sudden Impulse Theatre Company Theatre
Rob Rouse: 21 Years In Showbusiness! Rob Rouse Comedy
Robyn Perkins: Mating Selection (Preview) Robyn Perkins Comedy
Sam Dunkley Performing Arts etc Ltd Music
Sasha Ellen: Pickle Sasha Ellen Comedy
Soapbox Racer Ben Schwarz Theatre
Stop NOT Being Silly! Jackie Clementines ForFamilies
Strung Out A History Of Rock Guitar Kenny Robertson Music
The Glummer Twins: Just A Number The Glummer Twins SpokenWord
The Grandmothers Grimm Some Kind Of Theatre Theatre
The Laurel & Hardy Cabaret Lucky Dog Theatre Productions Comedy
The Mermaid's Pool & Other Stories Raintown Seers Music
The Neat Freak Moon House Theatre Theatre
The Red Balloon Lucky Dog Theatre Productions ForFamilies
Tom Crowley's Mass Crowley & Co / Tom Crowley Comedy
Tom Parry: Parryoke! Tom Parry Comedy
Tomorrow I'll Be Happy Shadow Syndicate Theatre
Tropez! Nathan & Ida Theatre
Twonkey's Ten Year Twitch Twonkey2019 Comedy
UpDownSizing Ginny Davis Productions Theatre
Vince Atta: Attack Or Die The Comedy Agency Comedy
We Apologise For The Inconvenience 5064 Productions Theatre
White Light White Peak (Parts 1 & 2) Found Theatre / Simon Corble SpokenWord
White Nurse JustOut Theatre Theatre
Woman On Fire Certain Curtain Theatre Company Theatre
Worlds Of The Guitar Rik Roberts Music
Zero For Young Dudes REC Youth Theatre Theatre

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